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The professional team at Kent Kitchen Works collaborates as a unit to create the environment you have always wanted.

Each project is assigned a Team of Specialists, with continual oversight by Trish and/or Jeff – if they are not taking a lead role:

Designer — The designer takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, tastes, ideas, dreams and budget. This allows them to bring together the dozens of products, elements, colors and concepts to create the perfect space, just for you. If you are working with an architect, interior designer, remodeler or other allied professional, they will work closely with both of you.

Project Design Manager — This individual works with the designer to help ensure his or her vision if correctly interpreted by the cabinet manufacturer and other suppliers, as well as allied professionals, contractors and builders.

Master Craftsmen — These artisans make sure your custom cabinetry is installed with care and with attention to detail, ensuring a quality fit.

AutoCAD Drawings — Each project includes computer aided drawings that illustrate the floorplans and elevations providing you a look at the finished project. These are exact in their measurements, allowing the tradespeople the mechanical drawings they need to place all the elements in their proper places.​

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