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What sets Kent Kitchen Works apart from the other kitchen and bath dealers? KKW’s design team treat each project as though they were renovating their own homes. In their own words, they stress six specific areas that set them apart.

Teamwork — We realize the importance of teamwork. If we are to consistently deliver the strict attention to detail that we promise our clients, manufacturers and allied professionals, we must be prepared to take ownership and work together as a team. Our clients will never hear, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. You’ll have to wait until your designer is in.” Instead they will hear, “Let me get that answer for you” – even if they are not working on the specific project.

Convenience — We believe it is imperative to offer our clients and allied professionals an extensive range of products and services in one setting.

Fusion — Our strategic alliances with manufacturers, local merchants, remodeling professionals, tradesmen and other industry related business partners must be seamless to our clients, allowing them the convenience of a single point of contact, as well as allowing them to use us as a complete resource throughout the entire project.

Managed Expectations — Expectations sometimes differ, which is why we insist on open, honest and timely communication throughout the project, regardless of its size and scope.

Corporate Responsibility — We take our corporate responsibility very seriously. We, therefore offer products from manufacturers whose technology and manufacturing methods strive to protect the environment of its employees and our planet.

Dedication to our Employees — We dedicate ourselves to the promote the growth and well-being of our most important asset… our employees, recognizing that if our suppliers share in this philosophy, the product they turn out will consistently meet the demands of our clients.

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