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       “Kent Kitchen Works in Kent, CT offered a kitchen or bathroom consultation to benefit a local Litchfield County organization.  I had seen a kitchen designed by Trish Namm in a magazine, and I felt an affinity to her work, so I wanted to meet her.  Trish came to my house after I had just moved from the city to the country so everything of mine was still in disarray.  We talked and got to know each other as I showed her my kitchen and baths.  She made some good suggestions and that was it. 

       Except that it wasn’t.  I went to see her at her office and showroom and I was blown away.  The kitchen and bath displays are the best of the best.  Trish, along with her husband and business partner, Jeffrey, and their associate, Abbey, are available, knowledgeable, fun, and interesting.  Trish knows so much about design, materials, and sources.  All you have to do is look at their web site.  It’s all there.  Plus, besides it being in writing, it is on the tip of her tongue as well.  So I went back again and again - looking and learning. 

       The bathroom we did was a renovation.  It was going to be simple, elegant, and in character with a charming old Greek Revival farmhouse.  At first it was going to be white fixtures and white, handmade, glazed ceramic tiles, but the more I visited and the more I learned from Trish, the more the bathroom transformed.  Since almost any period and style could replace mid to late last century bathrooms, it seemed I had so many more choices than I had originally thought.  

       Trish walked me through the numerous clay, marble, and glass (to name a few) tiles.  She showed me some of her favorite bathroom designs.  She pointed out the distinguishing differences between similar marbles - Carrera, Calcutta, and Statuary, for example.  Once I had decided on a type of floor (marble basket-weave) there would have been lots of combinations of fixtures and wall coverings and colors.  I kept coming back to three colors.  The three colors were three beautiful square tiles.  It became the theme of the bathroom.  They are the colors of the outdoors, the beach, the water and sky.  We got small and later larger samples.  We went over fixtures (Trish became a distributer of one I wanted), sinks (she already had a relationship with Water Works – where we bought the Palladian pedestal), surface colors, lighting, glass – everything.  Every time I went to Kent Kitchen Works I wanted to bring someone from my household along.  I just had to show everyone how beautiful this was going to be.  In the end we combined a small and a half bath, raised the ceiling to create a dormer, added a shower that we tiled in Azul Celeste marble, and replacing an old rectangular window with an elegant ellipse of the same size. 

       Throughout all of this, I learned so much.  Not only did I want to follow Trish’s early suggestion of where to hang the bathroom’s finishing touch, I want to do the other bathrooms with her.  Trish’s website was the inspiration for the future master bath. I am determined to do this next bathroom and walk-in closet with Kent Kitchen Works’ expertise.”

~ E.L. Roxbury, CT

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